New Arrivals

New Arrivals
"Their band name suggests vintage psychedelia, and Minnesota ensemble MAGIC CASTLES certainly don’t disappoint with their contemporary take on the formative years of the psych form. Magic Castles supplement their sparkling psych pop with pervasive drones and dreamy atmospheres."

"With deeply buried vocals and sonically layered productions, this outing sounds shrouded in mystery, reminding me of the wonderful Cheval Sombre, delivering their content with droning keyboards mixed with fuzzy guitars ...

"Since 1998 and for six years, Schwalm worked continually with Eno, releasing numerous joint works, including the album Drawn From Life and the soundtrack to the film Fear X by Nicholas Winding Refn, all the while giving celebrated joint performances in Europe and Japan. Since 2006, Schwalm has been repeatedly invited by the Punktfestival in Kristiansand, where he performed as celebrated live-remixer. As one of the most respected exponents of this particular art form, he collaborated with several well....

"One of the great musicians for deep and dubby ambient-techno. This album is full of all the classic elements and sounds as associated with dub-techno, and more!. Nice layered swirling textures, drifting spacious ambient, swirls of deep techno & elements of house that add extra layers of warmth and depth to the already deep album. The albums thoughtful moods and textured atmosphere explore a exquisite journey across tectonic deep spacious dub-techno across beats and rhythms, yet also chilled calming...

In the early 1990s, British singer / songwriter Newell made a little bit of a splash with his release "The Greatest Living Englishman", which featured Andy Partridge.
Since that time, he's continue to work and release and hone his craft, which brings us to this 2015 release which is an overview of his work from 2010-2014, and includes previously released as well as unreleased material.

"One could make a reasonable case for Martin Newell as the British answer to Robert Pollard. Like Pollard...

"New York City's long-reigning experimental electronics collective Excepter went through a period of great transition following their massive 2010 double album Presidence. Member Clare Amory died of cancer in 2011 and other members of the band relocated shortly afterwards. Familiar, the first work from the band after regrouping, finds the collective still incredibly strange, but moving their free-form electronics and Kraut/early-industrial-inspired sound closer to the realm of pop music. Opening track...

"In a world filled with terrible electronic music, it's nice to know that people like Amon exist."

"Amon Tobin's third album for Ninja Tune breaks out with a devastating opener, "Get Your Snack On." The track turns out to be just one of the highlights on Supermodified, a dense, plunderphonic kaleidoscope of an album with giant, noisy jazz breaks and groovy electronic synthwork. It's got quite a bit of the retro-sounding sampling of Permutation (orchestra strings, jazz combos, groovy psychedelic...

For over 40 years, amazing electric music has been coming out of the Africa, influenced by rock and r'n'b from the west, but completely made unique by the various cultures of this large and diverse continent.
This is a great sampler for folks who don't own any African pop or don't own very much of it and want to learn more. There's some major talent here.

Disc: 1
1. Kala Djula - Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate
2. Me Kyin Kyin - Konkoma
3. Nga Nga - Ebo Taylor...

For a short time, while they last, this 2015 release is $10.00 off the regular price!

"A work nearly five years in its evolution, In Remembrance is Delia Gonzalez's first major project since she ended her collaboration with Gavin Russom to focus on her fine art career. Beginning as a set of 16mm films of ballet dancers accompanied by solo piano compositions, Gonzalez found inspiration for the piece in inspiration itself: In Remembrance celebrates the creative spark and clarity that make art...

"This is the long o.o.p. complete concert at Stefaniensall, Graz, Austria, November 28, 1962. It features the "classic" quartet of Coltrane, Tyner, Garrison, and Jones playing well known favorites like "Bye Bye Blackbird", "The Inchworm", "Mr. P.C." (a nice version from the entire band), "I Want To Talk About You" (with some good Coltrane solos), "Impressions", and (with some lovely lyrical passages from Coltrane) "My Favorite Things". Also here are "Every Time We Say Goodbye", and the rarely heard...

Nice reissue of the two very good albums released in the 70s by one of the greats of the Welsh band Man, after he left Man for a solo career / new band called Iceberg.
If you were British at a certain time in the 70s, these two intelligent rawk albums very well might have been one of the main soundtracks of your youth...

"Tir Na Nog's second and third records for Chrysalis, dating from 1972 and 1973.
These two albums are truly underrated things of utter beauty. Any fans of Donovan, Fairport Convention, Bert Jansch, Pentangle, Trees, Incredible String Band, etc etc would do very well to check these guys out.
This is largely acoustic Celtic-influenced folk music. A TEAR AND A SMILE leans heavier on acoustic instrumentation, while STRONG IN THE SUN adds a bit of electricity, courtesy of Matthew Fisher (who produced

I love the original Mahavishnu Orchestra. And I think that for each of their 3 releases, they just got better and better, and BN&E, which is their final release (and a live release) is their greatest achievement.
It's also the one release of the 3 that was never remastered in any way; it was remixed (unsympathetically, imo), but the original mix was never worked on - until here.
BGO is a quality reissue label and their reissues are generally very good sounding and they have worked some.

Dave Liebman – tenor and soprano saxophones, c flute, native american flute, recorder, piri, fender rhodes (track 10)
Tatsuya Nakatani – drum kit, gongs, metal percussion, percussion
Adam Rudolph – handrumset (kongos, djembe, tarija, zabumba) thumb piano, sintir, mbuti harp, slit drum, percussion, overtone flutes, fender rhodes (track 11), live electronic processing

"The Unknowable is a completely improvised, spontaneous group-composed body of music created by legendary saxophone and...

Bobby Previte - drums
Nels Cline - guitar
Zeena Parkins - harp
John Medeski - piano
Fabian Rucker - vocals, alto sax
Jen Shyu - vocals, erhu

"Highly respected drummer and prolific composer Bobby Previte continues his Terminals trilogy with Rhapsody, a song cycle on the subject of transit and migration. Subtitled In Transit: Terminals II, Previte's newest work was scored for acoustic sextet. This latest major work, released on RareNoise Records in February 2018, comes on the

"Tonochrome are a London based art rock quintet whose grunge aesthetic is peppered with jazz harmony, contemporary classical influences, Andean sounds and pop hooks. A coming together of opposites, of texture and colour, of the acoustic and the synthetic, Tonochrome are a joyful reminder of what music can be when you just don't give a damn about convention."

"This music was recorded in the 1960s and early '70s soon after Cambodia became an independent nation. It was a period of rapid modernization that not only influenced music, but also architecture, sculpture, painting, dance and cinema. For many, it was Cambodia's own artistic renaissance, a time pointing to a hopeful future. This golden era came to a sudden end when the Khmer Rouge took control of the country in 1975 and brutally attempted to destroy any trace of modern society. Sadly, while many of the...

The entire output (two albums) that were originally released on the Vertigo Swirl label, digitally remastered for the first time from the master tapes. A 5 piece of Angus Cullen-vocals, John Heyworth-guitar, Peter Jennings-keyboards Kevin McCarthy...

"Brand new album from Philadelphia’s much loved neo-space rock stoner drone outfit. A euphoric transcendental journey to a mountain top nirvana, a psychedelic tapestry that slowly unwinds as they travel onwards into the inner mind. A 40-minute opus delivered from a hail of reverb soulfully caressed by a ceremonial flute, that makes way for a shroud of ‘Weld’—era Neil Young fog. Bardo Pond is your rather ruffled tour guide to this far off place, this distant sense of wonderment at the crossroads with bewilde

"Phil Manley, founding member of the pioneering DC-trio Trans Am, and in-demand recording engineer (The Alps, Arp, Mi Ami, Moon Duo, Wooden Shjips) has recorded his debut solo album. Life Coach, a title inspired by Tony Williams Lifetime and Charles Bullen's Lifetones project, is a dynamic collection of instrumental songs composed, performed, and recorded entirely by Phil. While there are reflections of Phil's work in Trans Am, Oneida, The Fucking Champs, and Jonas Reinhardt that a listener familiar...

"Snow Palms was initially conceived by composer David Sheppard (State River Widening, Ellis Island Sound, Phelan/Sheppard, etc) as a vehicle for instrumental pieces based around xylophones, glockenspiels, vibraphones, metallophones and other mallet instruments. Sheppard hooked up with producer/arranger Chris Leary (Ochre) to sort the wheat from the chaff, adding layers of chamber orchestration and discrete electronic textures to many of the intricate, polyrhythmic superstructures. The result is a...

"David Sheppard first conceived Snow Palms as a vehicle for music played on mallet instruments (metallophones, glockenspiels, xylophones, marimbas, etc), devices that have featured intermittently across almost two decades-worth of the multi-instrumentalist’s miscellaneous collaborative projects that include State River Widening, Ellis Island Sound, The Wisdom of Harry and Phelan-Sheppard, among a host of others.
Snow Palms’ 2012 debut album Intervals won a sheaf of approving notices for its...

"Ellis Island Sound comprises the duo of Pete Astor (The Loft, Weather Prophets, Wisdom of Harry, etc) and David Sheppard (State River Widening, Snow Palms, etc). ‘Regions’ is the duo’s third album since their inception, it has already been described as “Afro-Krautrock” and “Teutonic High Life”. It is possible to detect the influence of Jean Bosco Mwende or King Sunny Ade’s guitars, along with polyrhythmic ensemble force of Fela Kuti’s Africa 70 and T-Funk-period Talking Heads. Sometime Radiohead...

"Hot on the heels of their critically revered 2014, Krautrock-meets-Afrobeat longplayer 'Regions', Ellis Island Sound's Pete Astor and David Sheppard return with a brand new, seven-track mini-album. This time, however, the emphasis is less on throbbing, Neu!-beat-propelled blow-outs and more on intricate, highly melodic arrangements for guitars, keyboards and tuned percussion."

"Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman release their second full-length album The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour. The album, containing 10 brand new songs, features Damian on vocals and acoustic guitar and Adam on piano, vocals and acoustic guitar.
Guest musicians: Andy Dunlop (Travis) guitar, Ash Soan (Adele, Robbie Williams) drums, Tony Woollard (Damian Wilson) cello, Hayley Sanderson (Rick Wakeman) backing vocals.
Adam Wakeman is well-known as the keyboard (and sometimes guitar) player with...

"Caravela Escarlate is a rather young Brazilian progressive rock band featuring one of the best South American keyboardists - Ronaldo Rodrigues, who has already showed his skills in his previous formations: heavy prog Massahara and symphonic prog Arcpelago. Caravela Escarlate is definitely more similar to the latter one as the guys are playing some truly spectacular symphonic stuff here. However the main difference between aforementioned Arcpelago and this new group are the vocals because this time...

Claudio Dantas / Drums, Percussion
Eduardo Aguillar/ Keyboards, Bass
Luiz Zamith / Guitars
Marcus Moura / Flutes

Vitral is a new combination of four Brazilian musicians, two of whom are known from their work with Bacamarte (Marcus) and Quaterna Requiem (Markus). This is very straightforward, instrumental, symphonic progressive rock.
"Brazilian prog band Vitral are very good at what they do. What they do might not be considered “reinventing prog” but that’s okay with me. They pla

"In the seemingly impenetrable, fantastic murkiness of Japanese experimental psych pop, more often than not, Yoshimi has been a beacon." - FADER

"[Susie Ibarra is] a highly regarded and ubiquitous figure on New York's fertile downtown improvising scene." - Modern Drummer

"Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe is an enduring voice in the US underground, producing everything from math rock to ambient to vocals in sci-fi blockbuster Arrival." - The Guardian

"Flower of Sulphur is a transfixing...

"After thirteen years as one of the centerpieces of Sweden’s experimental rock scene The Skull Defekts return with their final, self-titled album. The Skull Defekts are known for merging the coarse vitality of punk with the ritualism of folk dances to create music that is addictive, wondrously discordant, and rooted in a belief in the overwhelming power of pure sound.
Their final self-titled album is the band’s most composed effort to date and features new member Mariam Wallentin (Wildbirds &....

"With The Urmuz Epigrams Zorn returns to his roots, using the recording studio as instrument to create an intensely personal suite of compositions in the style of his legendary File Card compositions and Zoetropes. Dedicated to the visionary Romanian writer Urmuz whose small, scattered body of work predated Dadaism by decades, The Urmuz Epigrams is a suite of surrealistic miniatures more akin to philosophical aphorisms than actual music. The pieces are presented here in two iterations, as a set of...

"Japan’s fearless multi-instrumentalist and cultural provocateur Keiji Haino has made a career out of his free-form musical improvisations and diverse collaborations. Whether deconstructing American blues to a few rogue notes hanging across chasms of empty space in his solo endeavors, sparring with the nebulous fringes of psychedelia in Fushitsusha, or teaming up with musicians like Faust, Boris, Jim O’Rourke, Stephen O’Malley, John Zorn, and Peter Brötzmann for fleeting aural experiments. Haino’s work....

"Second collection of cinematic string jazz compositions and improvisations from the world class trio of Tomeka Reid (cello), Mazz Swift (violin), and Silvia Bolognesi (double bass), whose compiled resume of respective collaborations is as diverse as it is impressive (Roscoe Mitchell, Anthony Braxton, Common, Kanye West, Butch Morris, William Parker, Hamid Drake)."

"Best known as a multi-instrumental member of Tortoise and a pillar of the Chicago jazz and experimental music scene, Jeff Parker has been incomparably prolific over the last 20+ years while merely producing 5 albums as a “lead artist” (just 2 since 2005, including 2016’s duo recording with Rob Mazurek on Rogue Art). “Lead artist” is in quotes here, because though his name is seldom seen in marquees, his distinctive guitar sound has been essential to every project he’s been part of. It was in that sense...

"A mainstay of the Chicago jazz scene and an active recent addition to the New York scene, Jaimie Branch is an avant-garde trumpeter known for her “ghostly sounds," says The New York Times, and for "sucker punching" crowds straight from the jump off, says Time Out. Her classical training and “unique voice capable of transforming every ensemble of which she is a part” (Jazz Right Now) has contributed to a wide range of projects not only in jazz but also punk, noise, indie rock, electronic and hip-hop...

Bill Laswell-electric basses
Michael Beinhorn-synths, shortwave, tapes
Ronald Shannon Jackson-drums
George Lewis-trombone
Ralph Carney-bass sax, contrabass clarinet
Fred Frith-guitar, violin
Martin Bisi-drums, percussion, metals
David Moss-voice, non-metric percussion, steel drum
Phillip Wilson-drums

When the Bill Laswell-helmed Material released Memory Serves in 1981, it was one of the very earliest of the 'downtown sound' albums to be released, and it was..

"A Dance That Empties is Travis Laplante's latest album-length composition, written for Subtle Degrees, a new two-musician ensemble consisting of Laplante (tenor saxophone) and Gerald Cleaver (drums). The duo's uncategorizable sound evokes everything from contemporary classical music, avant garde jazz, minimalism, technical metal, and sacred world music. Laplante is also the founder/composer of saxophone quartet Battle Trance and the ensemble Little Women.

A Dance That Empties is an...

This release was his second completely solo album, although Alfie contributes lyrics for the first time - really good ones too! - something she continues to do to this day. This is a remixed and resequenced version of this album.

"Due to a budget shortfall, Wyatt's 1991 LP Dondestan (half of which was centered around poems by his wife Alfreda Benge) was released before being properly mixed. In 1998, Dondestan (Revisited) finally gave these songs-which range from the haunting to the humorous-the...

"2018 album from legendary Can vocalist Damo Suzuki. This release finds Damo performing a fully improvised set in studio with German experimentalists Jelly Planet! Incredible sonic quality and authentically mind-blowing explorations of the outer edges of space rock!"

Igor Lumpert tenor saxophone
Greg Ward alto saxophone
Chris Tordini double bass
Kenny Grohowski drums
Jonathan Finlayson trumpet on 3 and 5
John Ellis bass clarinet on 6

"Here is the third reprise of Igor Lumpert’s project Innertextures, but this time (after “Innertextures” and “Innertextures Live”), not with the previous trio format. The band with Chris Tordini and Nasheet Waits is now a quartet, with Greg Ward playing the second saxophone and Kenny Grohowski taking the

Michael Dessen trombone and computer
Christopher Tordini bass
Dan Weiss drums

"Praised as a "musician for this moment" (Downbeat) for his imaginative work with music technology, trombonist Michael Dessen culminates over a decade with his electro-acoustic trio in this fourth Clean Feed release, an homage to the late Yusef Lateef.
After studying with Lateef for several years and making his debut as an improviser on one of Lateef's albums in 1996, Dessen has since carved his own...

Kjetil Møster tenor saxophone and clarinet
Martin Küchen alto saxophone and flute
Mats Aleklint trombone
Ola Høyer double bass
Dag Erik Knedal Andersen drums

"We didn’t see (or, more exactly, heard) this coming. How could we expect a band like The Heat Death to turn their attention to the music of Glenn Miller? But here it is, once again confirming the notion that everything is possible when coming from the Scandinavian scene. Truth is that this quintet always had an orchestra

Thomas Johansson trumpet
André Roligheten tenor saxophone
Christian Meaas Svendsen double bass/fender bass (left channel)
Jon Rune Strøm double bass/fender bass (right channel)
Andreas Wildhagen drums

"Yes, you can create a band concept from the double bass position, but instead of putting himself as the focus of the collective music of his quintet, bassist and composer Jon Rune Strøm enlisted a second bass player, Christian Meaas Svendsen, for the group, like him doubling th

Susana Santos Silva trumpet, tin whistle, bells

"Every solo album with a horn is a difficult task, and that’s the reason why so few are released on record or played on the stage. No-one else is there to give you cues, to challenge you: your creativity and your technical skills are the only resources available. Or so it seems, because in a solo situation you’re dueling with two presences: one, of course, is the audience, and as Derek Bailey used to say, a solo is a duo with the people who listens...

Jonas Cambien piano
Adrian Myhr double bass

"The elegance and complex delicacy of contemporary classical music and the drive and energy of jazz-rooted improvisation cross characteristics in the very special duo formed by Belgian-born, but residing in Oslo, pianist Jonas Cambien and the Norwegian double bassist Adrian Myhr. A member of the chamber music ensemble Aksiom, Cambien can develop tachycardic and jumping lines like the ones we heard from Thelonious Monk and Cecil Taylor with the sa

Sebastian Strinning tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Manuel Troller guitar
Gerry Hemingway drums, voice

"In 2009 American percussionist and composer Gerry Hemingway relocated in Luzern, Switzerland, and found himself in a thriving community of musicians and artists with whom he has forged new relationships. Chief among those relationships are the guitarist Manuel Troller [of Schnellertollermeier] and saxophonist and bass clarinetist Sebastian Strinning. As a group they began exploring...

Gard Nilssen drums
Petter Eldh double bass
André Roligheten tenor & soprano saxophones
Fredrik Ljungkvist tenor saxophone & clarinet (side C & D)
Kristoffer Berre Alberts alto,tenor & barytone saxophones (side E & F)
Jørgen Mathisen tenor saxophone & clarinet (side E & F)

Side A & B recorded at North Sea Jazz Festival 8th of July 2016 by Alex Fiennes
Side C & D recorded at Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2nd of July 2016 by Luís Delgado
Side E & F recorded at Oslo Jazz...

Guitarist and composer Gigi Venegoni was the brains behind those fantastic, first two Arti e Mestieri releases. Since that time he has sometimes appeared with them and also released a number of albums under his sole leadership as "Venegoni & Co", of which this 2018 release is the latest and the first in some time...

I spent two years spent for composing, arranging, recording and mixing “Canvas”, the latest double cd by Venegoni & Co.
A strong band, put together by guitar player and composer...

"Almost 80 minutes of jarring, surreal, raw improvised music by the duo of Sandy Ewen (guitar) and Weasel Walter (drums/live electronics) captured on this clear, powerful studio recording. Each musician speaks a distinctively deconstructed language on their respective instrument and their interaction is often surprising, always relentless and subtly alien. Sandy Ewen's approach eschews the obligatory mounds of effects pedals (save one for panning) many guitarists use, instead concentrating on direct...

This is a great listen but it's also a bit of a sad release, as it was recorded at the home of the band's good friends, Cyndee Lee Rule & Jeff Nutkowitz in May, 2013, as Jeff was dying. This was the group's last time to be able to see Jeff and this private concert was their goodbye to him.
In addition to their many 'regular' albums, RMI have also released a number of very limited edition CDRs. The musical and sound quality of these releases is excellent; as good as their regular releases, but do...

"`Light & Dark’ is Radio Massacre International member Steve Dinsdale’s fifth solo studio album, and represents a continuation of the somewhat lighter (dare we say `commercial’?) style of his solo music. The running order and length was designed for possible vinyl release, but when this proved impractical, the concise nature of the album still suggested itself as an advantage, and although more material was available Steve was keen to maintain a collection of pieces that could comfortably be listened to...

Markus Eichenberger clarinet & bassclarinet
Daniel Studer double bass

"Improvisation assumes a fresh experience, an unfamiliarity with what is to come, a disruption of expectations. How much more intense and disorienting the experience becomes in the music of Markus Eichenberger and Daniel Studer. Each one has an impressive résumé of musical adventures, but as a duo their music expresses special qualities and asks challenging questions. Suspended offers no customary structures, no consistent.